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What is a Caveat Loan?

The word caveat, by definition, refers to a notice or warning placed on a legal document to alert an individual about certain conditions attached to said document. When placed on a property title, the caveat becomes a warning to the buyer of specific requirements about the property, such as a loan encumbrance and outstanding interest.

A caveat loan, therefore, is a short-term financing product, essentially a private loan, where you use your property as collateral by registering a legal notice on your title. This caveat secures the loan for the lender and prevents you from selling the property without the lender’s knowledge or consent.

How is a Caveat Loan different from a Mortgage?

While both of these loan products similarly utilise your property as collateral for your loan, the way each secures the lender’s interest is vastly different.

A lender with a mortgage on your property can repossess the said property and sell it to recover your debt when you default. A mortgage usually involves a lengthy application and approval process and is equally tedious to remove.

A lender with a caveat on your property can only prevent you from selling your property if the loan remains unsettled. They cannot repossess the property themselves to recover your loan. A caveat loan involves a fast application process of 24 hours or less, and removal of the caveat on the title can easily take less than an hour upon loan settlement.

That is why, between the two loan types, a mortgage is more enforceable and considered more secure versus a caveat loan by lenders. However, a caveat loan is considered faster and less tedious than a mortgage for borrowers.

Why is a Caveat Loan considered Short-Term Financing?

Financing used as a fast solution to cover sudden expenses and emergencies and even address time-sensitive opportunities is usually known as short-term financing. It allows the borrower to access funding quickly to pay their immediate financing needs.

A caveat loan fulfils this financing definition and usually has a term of up to 3 years and is secured by the lender by placing a notification on the property title.

How can a Caveat Loan help you?

As a form of short-term financing, caveat loans are ideal solutions for you to fund the following situations quickly:

For business:

  • Purchase of new business
  • Expansion of existing business
  • Cash flow issues
  • Stock replenishment 
  • Funding new business opportunities
  • Business crisis recovery

For real estate:

  • Development projects
  • Renovations and improvement
  • New property purchase

Debt Management

  • Consolidation of existing debts
  • Bridging Loans
  • Tax debt payments

Can Bad Credit and Debt Issues disqualify me from a Caveat Loan?

Not necessarily.

At Tiger Finance, we have finance specialists who are always ready to guide and assist you in securing a caveat loan, even with bad credit and debt issues. All you need is a quick consultation call with us to sort out your situation and put you on track for fast approval.

What is the process to get a Caveat Loan?

At Tiger Finance, you only need to follow these four steps to secure your funding:

First, a Tiger Finance expert consultant to guide you on the steps for fast loan approval.

Second, Tiger Finance will work closely with you to tailor your loan to fit your needs.

Third, Tiger Finance lender negotiators will match you with one of our 30-plus partner lenders to get you the best deal for your loan.

Lastly, Tiger Finance will streamline the processing of your application to ensure fast approval and even quicker release of your funding.

What are the benefits of securing a Caveat Loan with Tiger Finance?

Tiger Finance offers lightning-fast caveat loans approved within 24 hours, a hassle-free process that starts from application to funding release.

Plus, you also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Borrow $20,000 – $50,000
  • No hidden costs or high upfront fees
  • No payments during the loan term
  • No slow valuations
  • Borrow up to 75% LVR
  • Loan completely tax deductible
  • Bad credit and debt issues accepted
  • Extend or Replay early without penalties.

What do I need to do to get my Caveat Loan approved?

Easy. Contact Tiger Finance and one of our loan experts will guide you through the process, including what documents, if any, to prepare to ensure fast approval.

Tiger Finance is here to help you.

Because we understand your situation and the difficulties that arise with your bad credit history and current debt issues, we are ready to help you improve your financing prospects expertly.

So we have done away with long approval processes, complicated applications and piles of redundant documentation to guarantee fast, hassle-free approval and quick access to the funding you need.

Contact us today, and let us help secure that loan.

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