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4 Simple Steps To Getting Funding

There’s no need to waste your time going through complicated application processes, getting piles of documents and waiting months to get your loan.

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We Tailor Make A Loan That Fits You

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We Negotiate With Credible Lenders

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Claim Your Free Loan Consultation
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In this free 30-minute no-obligation call, your very own loan specialist will discuss the following:

Claim Your Free Loan Consultation
- Let's Get You Funded Today!

In this free 30-minute no-obligation call, your very own loan specialist will discuss the following:

Who We Can Help?

If you’re a developer looking for a fast and flexible lending solution for your next project, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to make getting funding simple, so you can start your next project sooner.

We require minimal paperwork, our process is streamlined and we help you get a great loan even when your credit history isn’t perfect.

30+ Lending Options

We find you the best lender for your situation.

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Did You Know Which Type of
Development Loan You Should Apply For?

When looking at property development loans, it is important to understand the two different types. Knowing which loan is right for your development will save you both money and time spent lodging documents, and get you on your way to building much faster.

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You Don't Have to Stress About

Overly stringent lending criteria

Being judged for your credit score

Requiring a pile of documents

Months of waiting

Inflexible Loans

Complicated application process


Overly stringent lending criteria


Being judged for your credit score


Requiring a pile a documents


Months of waiting


Inflexible loans


Complicated application process

Interested To Know Your Borrowing Power?

Purchase price
Loan terms (years)
Interest rate
Repayment frequency
Deposit or trade-in(optional)
Residual payment(optional)
  • Your monthly repayments
  • Total repayments
  • Total Interest
  • Remaining
Contacting a broker will cost you nothing

Your Tiger Finance Broker can take the hassle and complexity out of finding the right loan deal for you.

This loan calculator provides an estimate of your monthly repayments, but it is only intended as a guide and should not be relied on as an indicator of your loan repayments, as a quote, or as an indication of pre-qualification for any type of loan. 

Our calculator makes assumptions, such as the equal length of each month, the weeks and fortnights in a year – 52 and 26, respectively, and the rounding of calculated dollar amounts to the nearest whole cent. 

See full terms and conditions here.

Why choose us?


Competitive Rates

With leading finance specialists and lenders we can get the most competitive rates for you.


Fast Approvals

Stop waiting for money you needed yesterday and begin planning. You’ll be approved before you know it!


Tailor Made Solutions

We’re as flexible as you need us to be. Your situation is unique, so your loan should be too.


Leading Lenders

We have the best lenders from all over Australia which means more options for you!


Bad Credit Experts

Credit history isn’t the best? We will still work hard to get you the best loan possible!


No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparent costs. You’ll experience no hidden costs and no pressure to apply.

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